The full line of MINERAL sublingual formulations with specific cannabinoid and terpene ratios to accomplish targeted benefits. 

BALANCE 1000 mg

Formulated to accomplish bliss in the body and mind, BALANCE is a cannabinoid dense formula with a full, in-plant terpene expression led by Limonene to improve mood and CBD, CBG to reduce inflammation.

SLEEP 1500 mg

A smooth salve with woody notes of California sage and a tranquil sandalwood center finished by fresh mint, MAISON is ideal to restore and revive sore muscles and tissue.

FOCUS 500 mg

FOCUS is a blend of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil and therapeutic terpenes to inspire sharpness and improve mood and memory.

RECOVERY 2000 mg

Formulated for high performance individuals prone to inflammation, anxiety, and stress. Ideal for post physical or mental activity to restore and rejuvenate body and mind.