BALANCE / 1 oz


A cannabinoid dense formula with a full, in-plant terpene expression, Batch 6 BALANCE is led by Limonene to improve mood and CBD, CBG to reduce inflammation in a bliss inspiring blend.

Hints Of:
Citrus, Raspberry, White Jasmine

Suited For:
Regular use to improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress

31 days

For Batch 6, BALANCE is grounded by anti-inflammatory cannabinoids and brightened by a full terpene expression to prepare the body and mind for higher temperatures and long Summer days.

Formula Composition

* Organic Avocado oil as fat soluble carrier

The Formula

3:2 Cannabinoids to Terpenes

We’ve increased the Limonene percentage to match CBD content for a cooling, calming, and mood improving blend of cannabinoids and terpenes most associated with reducing inflammation.

Primary Cannabinoid:


Pain Management
Anxiety & Stress

Primary Terpene:


Elevating Mood
Stress Relief