We combined plant based ingredients that are essential to physical and mental optimization with simple, informed design to create the first phytocannabinoid focused wellness brand.

ELISE’s formula was developed out of necessity; despite a healthy diet and regular exercise our body still lacks the nutrients to feed our most essential physiologic system: the Endocannabinoid System.

When our Endocannabinoid System is properly nourished by phytocannabinoids, like those found in ELISE, we give ourselves an opportunity to maintain a stable internal environment despite the fluctuations in our external environment.

In our search for powerful plant based ingredients to combine with phytocannabinoids we discovered the adaptogen ashwagandha, which aids the mind and body’s ability to adapt to stress and anxiety.

In South America we tested the bioactive components of blueberries and found the proper dosage to improve memory, creativity and mental focus.

In partnership with nutritional scientists in New York City, we combined these three minerals to create ELISE: a true optimizer that is essential to our mind and body’s ability to achieve homeostasis.

We are an Austin, Texas based company, privileged to innovate and grow amongst one of the world’s most health conscious cities.

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