By: Parker Davis

Travis Perkins lives proactively and structures his day-to-day according to a balanced, 1:1 say:do philosophy as a photographer, writer, marketer, climber, and yogi. Attributing balance to his ability to maintain an active lifestyle while thoughtfully supporting his body drives Travis’s work. Instead of viewing balance as discipline, he frames it as a desire to create the model for his high level goals.

Our conversation with Travis explores his interest in respecting the body amidst physical work, and how MINERAL elevates that experience.

Tell us about your experience with MINERAL.

MAISON is my go-to, especially when climbing or spending time in the Desert SouthWest. 

After a few years of regular climbing, I’ve built up a collection of tweaky tendons and tense muscle groupings from my hands to shoulders. I apply and massage in MAISON daily to those areas, and extra after a climbing session or training session. 

I’m a caffeine junkie, and RECOVERY helps to taper that down at the end of the day and sleep deeply.

You’re extremely active, and much of your time is spent outdoors. In what ways are you proactive about taking care of your body? 

Yoga is my salvation there. Long bike rides & runs followed by hours of driving from location to location can wreck a man's iliopsoas... 

In an effort to do what I love to do forever, I try to daily counteract the activity with active stretching and antagonistic training. I’ve learned to love it, and treat recovery time with respect, rather than avoiding or procrastinating. 

Desire > Discipline, in my opinion. Hydrate or Die is another mantra of mine, which keeps the engine going.

Tell us about your relationship with nature. Does your environment easily influence you, or are you proactive about choosing your environment based on what you want for yourself during that time frame? 

I would say we are all creatures of context, to a certain extent, myself maybe more so than others. I dedicate quite a bit of energy into placing myself in the right place at the right time, as a photographer and that’s built a keen sense of awareness, over time, of how my surroundings affect my mood, stability, and energy. 

For me, this nomadic or seasonal life seems to fit, offering balance where needed and maintaining a deep sense of gratitude.

Explain what inspired your current way of life.

To put it simply, a curiosity of what could be. I’ve always lived with a tendency to let that curiosity outweigh the fear of the unknown. I think there’s also an element of urgency understanding that I won’t be here forever, and there’s a lot to see and do out there. 

What’s your philosophy regarding balance? What do you prioritize?

For a freelancer, every single day is a Monday and a Saturday, in tandem… It’s really up to you and your awareness of self to manage and flow throughout the day. I typically work and play everyday, and enjoy that chaotic balance.

I prioritize what, deep down in my gut, I know I should. Sometimes I miss the mark there, but in general, I believe we inherently know what we should be doing with our day. 

Either way, I make it a point to live by a 1:1 say:do ratio, whether that’s work or play. Making thoughtful commitments and keeping good on said commitments is the spice of life, y’all!

How’s yoga training coming along?

Slowly, as it likely should. I’ve been practicing yoga almost daily for years now, but the transition from an internal practice to teaching is a new venture. It’s one that touches on my desire to help deepen others’ awareness into what makes life so special.

What’s something that might surprise us about you/your routine?

Before diving into rock climbing, running, and cycling, my first love was being a meathead and gym rat. Lifting heavy weights for no reason has been a part of my life for decades now (although the weights are a bit lighter these days).

Additionally, when the rules allow, I really love dancing the two step and country swing specifically. In Austin, there’s a special place called The White Horse, that holds a special place in my heart. I also have special memories of salsa dancing in Mexico City. 

I also treat sleep very seriously, shooting for nine hours per night. 

Resource recommendations for what keeps you in check?

- In-person conversations with friends and strangers

- Any and all written works by Thich Nhat Hanh

- The American Transcendental classics like Thoreau and Emerson

- I do some of my best thinking, dreaming and working to Penny and Sparrow and Monster Rally

- Bomba Estereo and Koffee inspire me to move my body

Travis wrote “Winter Respite”, a poem for MINERAL, inspired by his experience with the RECOVERY KIT in Arizona.

Every winter, I seek out the desert.

I move my body,

create freely,

and sleep deeply.

This ritual reminds me of what is real. 

That in a world that is seemingly shrinking and collapsing around us, a courageous truth remains. 

Love is expansive.

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