By: Parker Davis

Acceptance and evolution are core to Sierra La Rue’s purpose behind her work as a photographer and plant educator. Sierra credits plants with a momentous transformation that brought her into a greater sense of peace and to an unshakeable relationship with nature.

Our conversation with Sierra addresses her philosophy for wellbeing, something that’s attracted a broad audience to her work as an educator.

This body is treated as a royal temple, I, extremely particular of all that enters. I hold this high personal regard because it was once a body knew the decay that comes with full abandonment. A point in my life, far too young to slip so rapidly into these pits, I gave up hope. Alongside that came a severe lack of any personal care, left to keep persevering on only multiple energy drinks and a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. Inner pain was causing outer pain. ⁣

And yet this body still carried me. In the highest form of alchemy, it took the black drudgery I offered it and transmuted it to gold. My son, my light, was born out of these conditions, what would seem a lifeless pit, as it surely felt, and yet it carried more. I’m proud to say that the earthquake of his presence in my life, still so freshly gave me the shake needed to start sweeping the halls of my inner self. The transformation since is measurable. ⁣

Now, in gratitude and atonement for all that this body endured, I honor it thoughtfully. Decorating its walls with stories and precious perfumes. And the fuel that keeps the internal homeostasis, both food and medicine, must be of the highest quality. This is simply to say “thank you” for all that it has done. My worship is here, in quiet moments. And as I dive further into myself, I find myself arriving deep into the earth that has held me as well. Never faltering in her loyalty. Providing silently and true. The gifts she offers us, in plants and the medicine they contain, to calm us, to brighten us, to heal us and smooth us, is awe-striking in its offering. The impact of how we receive these gifts is imperative. To stoop low and accept the gifts with gratitude, vowing to return it in care. To return what is taken not with greed and destruction, but with loving attention. As she provides vitality for us, us for our Her as well. ⁣

⁣So in my full bounteousness, as I climb up walls of rock, run up mountain sides, and tend to my inner balances, I gratefully accept the gentle support of MINERAL’s products, which are as intentional in their sourcing as I am in my personal efforts; perfectly complementary.⁣

— Sierra La Rue

Tell us about your relationship with MINERAL’s products.

MINERAL’s products sitting on my shelf have been a quiet daily reminder for a moment of tenderness with and for myself. My favorite product, MAISON, is a welcomed reward to smooth my aching muscles at the end of my day. My physical, mental and spiritual well being are bundled together in great amounts of energetic exertion processed through my body. From weight lifting, rock climbing and hiking, the benefits are numerous, but the cost is a toll taken on my muscles. To live in a place of harmony, intentional recovery with the aid of MAISON is essential. 

What are your thoughts about evolution? How did motherhood enable you to evolve?

My evolution has looked like a daily determination to put one foot in front of the other. In minuscule ways, even in the smallest intentional shifts add up over time to make mountains of transformation. When my son was born I had no clear vision for where I wanted to arrive. My only deepest knowing was that I couldn’t stay where I was with him. He deserved more. Each day was a new opportunity to learn something new, or unravel an old pattern. It never felt earth shattering or transcendent in the moment. But with consistency over time I arrived evermore into a space where I was eager to be in the midst of. My journey with him through motherhood is perpetually moving forward, stagnation never an option.

How did your relationship with earth medicines come to be?

Like so often is the case, earth medicines were ushered into my life by someone who had experienced significant life changes from it. Not entirely sure what I was signing up for, I welcomed my first experiences with open arms. Meanwhile in my life I had been struggling with food sensitivities and an endless cycle of fear around food. pain and confusion which was not aided by any health professionals I saw. It felt like a rut I just couldn’t claw my way out of. The repercussions were that I was significantly underweight and feeling hopeless. My second experience with psychedelic medicine quickly ushered in complete transformation in my life. Within five hours there was total resolve. The proof was measurable, not just ethereal divine musings, but able to be tallied in healthy pounds gained without physical suffering. When I realized how profoundly these experiences could improve the quality of people's lives my vision became clear: to make sure that all who wanted to have transformation for themselves could have the access to do so. 

You’re incredibly open with your community on social media. How has that contributed to your personal life?

Taking the chance of being so vulnerable online has rewarded me in life greatly. The community that holds me, both online and in person feels like a family. They know my heart, and in return are gifted with the opportunity to know theirs. With so much content available, shallow and distilled, people can sense when the heart behind an account is open and deep. Like gathers like, and I’m blessed with a sense of radical transparency. 

As you note on your website, you believe that your interactions with clients happen for a reason, and your work requires you to capture someone’s essence. How have plants contributed to how you view that process?

Plant medicines have helped me live my life out in unabashed truth. And for those who feel in close enough resonance with the truth and the energy I put out into the world, our spirits have a familiarity. That allows my client and I to dive in deep together; Any work with me quickly bypasses the superficial with sincere intentionality on both sides to expand within the experience.

How do you maintain consistency as a freelance photographer?

Consistency does not have to be at maximal effort. Though there are times and places to give all that you have, showing up is what matters most. Years of baby steps have been extremely rewarding for my career and life’s progression.

What does it mean to you to have a close relationship with someone?

Intimacy looks like many different paths of interconnection. Every relationship I have is a beautiful melding of spiritual, emotional, sexual, sensual, and affectionate. No two relationships within my life fill my cup in the same ratios. Abundantly blessed in closeness and kin, relationships are really all that I have in life. Without them, my purpose is undefined. 

What do you do to keep yourself grounded? What about when you wake up having an “off” day?

Journaling is my best companion and friend. To get the ideas, feelings, or thoughts that accumulate down onto paper helps me process. Then in turn I feel that the mental looping, which is what often distracts us from being present, is able to be subdued. Beyond that, I think that listening to the internal messages of being “off” can be extremely valuable in knowing how to best help ourselves. We can reflect on where the resistance is within, and then take tender care with that knowledge.

Have you considered creating a formal space for discussing the contents of your website? What might that look like?

Yes! Having space for people to gather in community to heal, be seen, integrate and celebrate feels like the next and necessary step in what I offer. As the culture of psychedelics in Oregon expands, I plan to support people through their healing and transformation. We are still just at the very forefront of this psychedelic renaissance. 

Recommendations for learning about getting into your mindset (podcasts, books, albums/playlists, etc.)?

My favorite binge-worthy podcast, a beautiful intersection of spirituality, earth medicines and intentional living is The Aubrey Markus podcast. That being said, the most influential person that I admire deeply in media right now is Dr. Zack Bush. His passion for the earth and people is undeniable and his wisdom apparent. My all time favorite interview with him can be found here.

To stay in the loop on current events around psychedelics, I recommend listening to Psychedelics Today podcast, which can be found here.

For culture, art, information and community, I recommend Double Blind Magazine which can be found here

I love to start my mornings off with positive music that supports my inner well being. I always strive for my external stimuli to reflect my inner spaces. You can check out what I’ve been vibing with lately here.

We recommend exploring Sierra’s website for resources that align with her philosophy.

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