By: Parker Davis, Taylor Baker

Movement plays an integral role in every area of our lives, whether inner thoughts, cellular exchanges, or physical motions. It can transport and transform the body and mind.

Life is on a constant spectrum of movement, so learning how to create synergy and incorporate the right fluctuation of activity is vital.

Brian Johnson has perfected the art of movement on every level through his holistic approach. He started Movement Standard as a school for those who want to develop and explore a diverse movement practice.

Beyond movement, he believes in understanding and balancing our natural state through movement, diet, sleep, and stillness. 

Our interview with Brian dives into his philosophies, movement practices, and evolving inspiration.

Tell us how you got into exercise physiology and your current practice.

Studying Exercise Physiology, at the time, felt like it "just happened", but looking back it was a natural progression from an exploration into a desire to better understand my own biology. The jump from there to my current movement oriented approach to practice and teaching occurred from an ongoing shift and deeper dive into holistic principles tied to biology, ecology, and spirituality. 

How would you describe what makes you different within your work?

The connection of holistic principles within practice in a way that is approachable and happens as a byproduct of the practice itself. Our approach leads with movement, but doesn’t stop there. It points to areas that challenge us to grow in our own unique ways.

How do you go about creating and planning new movement routines?

When creating programs for students, it starts with a detailed assessment to better understand what brought them to a movement practice and what foundational aspects of movement they may be missing. From there, a program is created tailored to those specific needs. 

For myself, I don’t really create routines, but use the foundational work to serve as a starting point for exploration into improvisation, working with what comes up in the moment. 

What makes you so committed to your style of work?

A deep desire to continue exploring, studying myself and sharing this work with others. An understanding of both life and movement as endless containers to explore that with. The potentials are infinite so it feels like a big enough container to keep me going deeper for a while.

What other types of movement do you incorporate into your routine, if any?

I am interested in Movement and how it connects to many different disciplines and concepts, so really all of movement is included. This is a big reason for choosing it as a point of study, it’s virtually endless.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Getting to share findings with our students of Movement Standard in the hope that it helps support their own journey in big and small ways. 

What's something core to your routine that someone wouldn't expect?

I light Japanese incense everyday prior to my practice. It’s central in that the ritual aspect sets my mind right giving the impression of clearing the air for detailed, focused work. 

Which MINERAL product(s) do you incorporate into your routine and why?

I’ve really enjoyed the uplifting spirit and feel behind SOUSA. I use it daily as both a moisturizer and gentle fragrance. Recently I’ve added BALANCE and SLEEP to my routine, testing them out to help keep me restored so that I can pursue and share my practice at the highest level.

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