By: Mills

An Introduction to SLEEP

Our infatuation with the science of sleep began intentionally. In our hemp genetics, we’re constantly playing with the cannabinoid curve, identifying and developing cannabinoids to compliment the anti-inflammatory powers of CBD. Almost as lore we’d heard of the sleep inducing cannabidiol (CBN). Its craze had hurried over hemp fields across the country: impossible to yield, expensive to isolate.

Still, its effect and ability to induce deep sleep are widely documented. After two failed batches, we attempted to develop a high CBN expression for a SLEEP focused formula.

Before we planted Batch 4, we were adamant that our sublingual formulations evolve. Our cannabis acumen had increased and thus our understanding of hemp had changed. We became insatiable for targeted formulas, mixing fully expressed cannabinoids with pungent terpenes for powerful plant medicines.

Previous batches had taught us that CBN levels increase as THC amounts decrease. For Batch 4 our plants remained rooted well after they finished growing, soaking up long days of summer sun. Extended exposure to the sun causes THC to oxidize and convert to CBN. By keeping our THC content low we increased the concentration of CBN.

CBN content doubled in Batch 4. The plants expressed full spectrum cannabinoids with high CBD, CBG, and CBN volumes.


Visits to hemp farms across the country instilled the importance of proper terpene curation early on in SLEEP’s development. A hemp farm should delight senses with citrus, pine, and earthy aromas that intoxicate the surrounding acreage.

As terpene stewards in training, we often consult the data to develop unique terpene blends. SLEEP’s ability to induce sedation is amplified by calculated doses of CARYOPHYLLENE and LINALOOL, both renowned sleep aids. Smaller amounts of MYRCENE and TERPINOLENE follow and SLEEP finishes as a 1:1 blend of calming cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes.


anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, sleep aid


anticancer and tranquilizing, sedative, anti-proliferative


calming and sedative, relieves anxiety, analgesic, anti-epileptic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety


analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, sedative
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