By: Mills Miller

Photos: Diego Vourakis

Formulated to reduce inflammation in the muscles and provide pain relief in the tissue, MAISON is an intoxicating body balm blend of calming CBD and therapeutic terpenes that visibly hydrate and heal damaged skin.

The hemp plant that provides MAISON's CBD naturally produces a compound cannabinoid expression. When formulating MAISON we have the ability to choose from hundreds of healing cannabinoids. MAISON's final form curates a cannabinoid to terpene blend that interacts most efficiently with the body.

We combine our CBD dense hemp oil with sage for balance, sandalwood for beauty and peppermint to cool. Then we mix with a lavish Coconut base and naturally occurring Vitamin E to relive and revive the skin and body.

Maison For The Body

Apply to inflection points and sore muscles for pain management and to visibly reduce inflammation.

Maison For The Skin

Apply to skin abrasions and irritations to visibly repair damaged skin.

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