By: Mills Miller

Photos: Diego Vourakis, Cydney Holm

There are two basic stages to natural winemaking. Growing and picking grapes, and then turning those grapes into wine through natural, sulfate free fermentation. Our batch process is much like the production of a bottle of natural wine: the grapes or cannabis plant change by season and the solution reflects the time period in which the oil was formulated and bottled.

Batch 6 represents the last harvest of oil grown from plants in 2018. The genetics are identical to Batch’s 4 & 5, while the biomass we use to produce Batch 6 formulations come from plants dried and stored until ready for extraction. As we near the end of a harvest’s lifecycle we prepare the following Batch by using a CO2 extraction method that preserves cannabinoids and terpenes in green, beautiful biomass.

We then produce our crude by heating the biomass, again preserving cannabinoids and in-plant terpenes, then refine a portion of the crude to create CBD, CBN, and CBG rich distillate. Because the cannabis oil wasn’t immediately extracted from the plant following harvest, biomass, and therefore the crude and distillate, become lighter in color, viscosity, and taste.

Our process from seed to extraction maintains a quality product in each batch. Our focus is on the full plant, with minor cannabinoids registering before considering the CBD content. Nonetheless, we’re producing oil from a plant that changes as nature does. We strive for batches dense in cannabinoids and in-plant terpenes so that our formulations remain consistent batch to batch and our amber colored bottles preserve the cannabis components of our formulations long after bottling.


Lighter with a higher concentration of limonene. Mood improving, calming, and inflammation reducing.

SLEEP - 1500 MG

Increased percentages of myrcene with softer top notes. Sedating and relaxing.


A dense cannabinoid and terpene formulation that uses avocado oil for sublingual and topical applications. A powerful anti-inflammatory. Releases Thursday, July 11th.

FOCUS - 500 MG

The limonene content is increased creating a citrus forward formulation. Mood improving, energizing, and inflammation reducing.


A change in formulation maintains scent and smell while increasing effectiveness. Releases Thursday, July 18th.

Whole Plant Hemp Oil Solutions for Sleep, Pain, and Anxiety