How to use: SLEEP
By: Mills Miller
Photos: Cydney Holm

Developed as a CBD based alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids, SLEEP is a cannabinoid + terpene blend to calm the body and relax the mind.


SLEEP is led by the presence of CBN, a sedating terpene that acts synergistically with CBD to relax the body and calm the mind.

We match the primary cannabinoids with Myrcene, found in thyme, and Linalool to heighten the presence of sedating cannabis compounds.


Reduce Anxiety
Calm the Body and Mind




SLEEP is powerful. At 1500 mg its designed to sedate the body and mind. For best results, apply consistently before bed and create a sleep focused ritual around the application.

Power Down

Limit exposure to blue light and electronics

Cool Down

A cold shower before bed triggers sleep signals and prepares the body and mind for a deeper sleep

Apply Sleep

30 minutes before bed, consume 24 mg under the tongue


Establish a method of decompression through deep breathing and meditation