By: Mills Miller
Photos: Cydney Holm, Diego Vourakis


Formulated as a plant based alternative to stimulants, FOCUS is a blend of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil and therapeutic terpenes to inspire sharpness and improve mood and memory


FOCUS is most readily absorbed by the body and mind when consumed sublingually. The formula will dissolve and absorb into the blood system through the tissue under the tongue. A sublingual application increases the likelihood that the effect of the formula will be activated to its full medicinal benefits.


Apply under the tongue. Allow to sit until absorbed. Consume.



As humans our genetic makeups vary. Thus no universal dose exits for the FOCUS formula. The most effective strategy is to consume more if larger in size and to test low amounts if smaller. 

We encourage experimentation with the formulas. As the catalyst for consuming changes, so should the dose.

Full Dropper (17 mg)

Suggested starting point for those 180 lbs and above

Half Dropper (8 mg)

An ideal introduction for those below 180 lbs


We developed FOCUS to replace antidepressants, alcohol, and other harmful vices that disturb the body’s ability to achieve balance.

Use as needed for inflammation, anxiety, and to improve overall mood.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.